1. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-author(s) are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
  2. The presenting author must be listed as the first author.
  3. Abstract previously presented or published will not be accepted.
  4. Multiple submissions are permitted; if selected only one oral presentation will be allowed.
  5. Your abstract is not successfully submitted until you receive a confirmation e-mail after clicking the final submit button. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact at
  6. Only the standard abbreviations will be acceptable, uncommon abbreviation must be put in parenthesis the first time it appears in the text.
  7. Registration at the time of submission is not mandatory. However, once the abstract is accepted and informed the presenting author must register for the conference within 10 days at the registration fees prevailing at that date. If the author fails to register within that time frame, the abstract will not be considered for presentation.
  8. Please follow separate guidelines for Poster.
  9. Deadline for abstract submission is JAN 15th 2020.

Note:- The Final evaluation will be made by the Scientific Committee. After the abstract is submitted, the author will be provided with the abstract number. The final acceptance will be informed within two weeks after the abstract deadline date is over and all the papers evaluated. Scientific committee reserves the right to make final decision.

Specifications for oral presentations:

  1. Title, Objectives, Materials & Methods, Results, Conclusion, Key words should be mentioned with the maximum word limit of 350 words
  2. Title should be within 25 words
  3. For oral presentation, Presenter will be given 7 minutes followed by 2 minutes for question/answer.
  4. For case presentation presenter will be given 5 minutes followed by 1 minute for question/answer.

Specifications for Posters presentations: 

  1. Title, Objectives, Method, Result, Conclusion, Key words should be mentioned with the maximum word limit of 350 words for the abstract submission.
  2. Display Area: For poster sessions, each author is provided a 100cm x 75cm free space where he should hang on his work. Stationery goods also will be provided to hang your poster.
  3. Please leave a blank corner on left side of your poster for your poster number (minimum 3,5cm x 6,5cm).
  4. Format
    Font: Times New Roman
    Title: 36 point type
    List of authors: 25 point type
    Double-spaced text: 15 point type
    -The entire poster layout should be readable from six to ten feet away
    -Be careful in your use of colors, some people are red-green color blind and some colors do not stand out in contrast to others.
  5. Setup
    -Poster presenters must set up their posters between 09:00 and 14:00 on the day of their poster session.
    -Poster author or coauthor is required to stand by the poster during the scheduled poster session to answer questions from attendees.
    -It is your responsibility to remove your poster at the end of the session